About Patha Bhavan

Patha-Bhavan, a vision realised, is a secular institution set up by a group of enlightened teachers in 1965. It is a school with a difference – a school where learning is an enjoyable experience. At an early age the child is not haunted by the trauma of examinations and stiff competetiveness. The child then gradually grows, learns as he plays, and flowers in a world of art, music, literature, science - all a cultural experience – and expresses himself especially through pencils, crayons, paints and the performing arts. All this is done in an air of freedom, love, sincerity and justice.

The persons involved in its inception were towering figures whose tireless labour, selfless dedication and devotion have nurtured the young school and contributed to its growth. The stalwart founder members were Uma Sehanabis, Manjusree Dasgupta, Nandita Mitra, Bhamati Sengupta, Niranjan Sengupta, Nibedita Nag, Bithika Roy Choudhury, Samik Bandyopadhyay, Leena Dasgupta, Manjusree Chattopadyay and Paromita Viswanathan. Special mention should also be made of Satyajit Ray, Susovan Sarkar, Meera Duttagupta and many such luminaries whose invaluable help have made Patha - Bhavan what it is today. The logo of our school has been designed by none other than our revered Satyajit Ray and the school song composed by renowned Jyotirindranath Maitra.

The school is based on the educational ideals of Rabindranath Tagore, whose writings, works of art and songs are intensively and zealously imbibed by the students. Education here aims at empowerment of each student by enabling him or her to develop their innate talents to the fullest extent possible. Striving for excellence achieved at the level of the students potential is seen as an essential element in training a pupil. Scope for blossoming is provided. Not only through studies and cultural activities but also through Sahitya Sabha, Art & Craft exhibitions, Science workshops demonstrations and exhibitions, Seminars, Fairs and even in organising film festivals and educational tours. We do not believe in competition but we have a consistently good academic record and our students fare well both in the Madhyamik and the Ucchya Madhyamik.

Thus with a sound knowledge of academics, a sense of history and roots, a sensitive awareness and appreciation of culture, and a scientific rational outlook, our students have won laurels on national and international levels in different spheres.