Co-Curricular Activity

1. Co-curricular activities are organized on occasions such as the School's Foun­dation day (28 June), Independence Day, Annual Sports.
2. (22 Shraban, Tagore's death anniversary) is specially observed in the school. On this day, competitions are held in drawing, singing, recitation and essay writing.
3.Generally at the end of the first two terms a 'Sahitya Sabha' is held for each class in which student's participation in debates, seminars, elocution, dramat­ics, singing and creative writing is encouraged.
4.The School Magazine (LEKHA -JOKA) is published every year.
5.One day excursions are also arranged every year for all classes.
6.Inter House activities are arranged for all classes through out the year. The Houses are named after ancient seats of learning Nalanda (green), Ujjaini (blue) Vikra mshila (red) Takshshila (yellow).