1. Students are to be in school ·5 minutes before the Assembly.
2. Students coming to school after 7:10 a.m. or 11:40a.m. on more than one occasion will be sent home.
3. No student shall be allowed to enter or attend classes without proper uniform on class days.
4. Participation of the students in sports, cultural and other activities is com­pulsory.
5. It is compulsory to wear P.E. uniform for the physical education classes.
6. Exemption from P.E. classes will be permitted only on submission of a medical certificate. However in such cases too, P.E. uniform must be worn.
7. No student will be allowed to Leave the school premises during school hours.
8. Students are not to bring valuable articles to school.
9. Students will be fined in case of being involved directly or indirectly in damage of school property.
10. Indisciplined behaviour of student will be firmly dealth with.
11. Students are themselves responsible for their books, pens, tiffin boxes, or any other article they may get to school. Their cardigans, tiffin boxes, school bags and boxes must be marked with their full name.
12. Any change of address or phone number of the pupil should be notified to the school immediately.
13. The school hand book must be brought ht to school everyday & produced for inspection whenever required.
14. Severe measures will be taken against students found to be using unfair means in examinations.
15. Usage of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the school premises or even outside the premises, while in school uniform.