1. All articles not pertaining to the library should be kept outside.
2. Only one book will be issued per card and no student may take a book on another’s card.
3. Any book being borrowed should be checked for defects, which found should be notified to the librarian. Failure to do this checking renders one liable to be considered responsible for defects noticed on return of the book.
4. Books overdue may be returned on the library days of the respective classes but not without the fine of Rs. 5/- per week. For classes XI & XII the fines Rs. 10/- per week. 5. The charge for a duplicate Library Card is Rs. 25/-. Emergency duplicate card For outgoing student is Rs. 50/-.
6. Books lost must be replaced by the borrower. In case of books marked disfigured, damaged or lost, it will have to be replaced by the borrower.
7. No fine will be charged for book overdue if a letter can be produced showing that borrower has been absent for valid reasons.
8. The library is open on all class days.
9. Students' resorting to defamatory comments or pictures in library books borrowed, which in turn violate other's honor or dignity will end up draw­ing heavy penalty.