Recommendation to parents

1. It is advised that guardians and family members should not indulge in any form of inter-personal violence in the presence of the child. Guardians are requested not to vent their frustration on the child. It Leaves a negative and long-lasting impression on the child's mind.
2. Guardians should refrain in from comparing their child with other children, including siblings.
3. A compassionate hug and an empathetic ear can do miracles for your child. Please create a safe and trustworthy environment at home.
4. Healthy food is preferred over fast food for tiffin.
5. Spend more quality time with your child rather than buying material gifts for them.
6. Be in regular touch with your child's school. Guardians should cooperate with school’s recommendations for need -based assessments.
7. If your child avoids going to school for certain classes, enquire with the school authorities.
8. Treat your children equally irrespective of gender.
9. Allow your child to follow their passion I co-curricular activities. Each child is unique.
10. Help your child to deal with frustrations and failures. Say ‘NO’ with logic and care.
11. Guardians are encouraged to seek professional help to learn the techniques of age-appropriate communication.
12. Children often emulate pa rents I guardians / ca re-givers. So, it is important to practise what you preach.
13. Marks are not the only measure of excellence. Guardians are discouraged to put extra pressure on their child for securing marks.
14. Parents are encouraged to regulate the use of screen time of electronic gadgets of their children as well as their own.
15. If your child has a mental health problem, please discuss this with the school authorities. Ignoring or hiding such a problem may lead to tragic circumstances.